Sunday, May 6, 2007

First Post!

So here's the very first post I have had on this site. I usually am on a blog site, then totally totally forget about it after. I'll tell you a bit about myself. My name is as you can see a season, Summer. I've met 2 people named Winter and I didn't get along with them at all. I am a young but mature age of 13, who will be 14 in September. And am with a boy of 15 who is almost 16. I have felt emotions and been through more then a lot of people have who are triple the age of me. I have cried till I laughed, and laughed till I cried. I have cried myself to sleep, and laughed myself to sleep. I have always been the crying shoulder, but have never really recieved one back. I have been physically and emotionally hurt. I have been in love. And I have been heartbroken. I have always had to bring myself up not expecting anyone to help me. I've been in a plane, and I have been on a road trip. I have had my first kiss. I have been hurt by anyone who has ever told me they loved me. And backstabbed by everyone who has said 'I have your back'. No one knows the true me, except me. And at times, I don't even know if I want to know me. I have saved a life. And I have wanted to die. But if I died tomorrow, a few people would show up at my funeral, a couple people would remember who I was a month after my death. But before I die I want to expeirence a few things. I want to do a few things. I want to visit every continent, I want to have dinner on the eifle tower, and see a pyramid. I want to make an impact on society and I want people to remember my name. I want to be loved for who I am and hated for who I am not. And when all is said and done. Why. We all are born, we live then we die. Why do we live in the first place? What and why are we here. We all die in the end. It's emotions we need to feel, its love, its hate. I see a good out of every bad. I feel bad for the people who haven't truly been hurt in there lives, because they have never really felt an emotion. People need to go through pain, to see the sunshine at the end of the day. And for everyone out there, "Never risk anything you aren't willing to lose." and "What you feel only matters to you. What you do to the people you love. That's what counts. That's the only thing that matters."