Thursday, July 16, 2009

Introducing Summer Candy

This is my actual first post to this blog. The first first post was a post from 3 years ago. Let me introduce you to myself and my blog. My name is Summer Candice Martin, but some just like to call me Summer Candy. There is a story behind my name which we don't really need to get into. I'm 16 and live in Oh a little place called Canada. I'm an outgoing free-spirited girl who loves to smile and have fun. My blog is going to be as daily as I can do it. And I am going to have a specific blog for every day.
Monday's will be: Music Monday (yes for all you twitter people out there I am stealing it from Twitter) I will be discussing a song/band I suggest for everyone to listen to, I will include lyrics/video
Tuesday: Trendy Tuesday, I will be discussing fashion. Everything whats hot or just what I really want.
Wednesday: Wishlist Wednesday, I will be making lists of 5-10 of stuff I want, obsessions, bands, clothes, flowers, places I want to visit, cool rocks I collect (kidding)
Thursday: Thriller Thursday, anything I just feel like talking about this day (it will be very thrilling...)
Friday: Fit and Food Friday, foods that are good for you, suggestive food and recipes! Also I will add videos or exercise tips!
Saturday: Stunning Saturdays, I will be talking about makeup/skin care products everything that makes you well.. stunning!
Sunday: Selebrity Sunday (yes I know it spelt Celebrity) I will be talking about well you guessed it hollywood.

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Dietista Girl said...

I like what you have planned for the week! Very cool ideas.