Saturday, July 18, 2009

Stunning Saturday

Hey everyone. So I'm more of a skin care junkie, I don't wear make up all that often, but when I do you best believe I'm wearing make-up that's going to make the boys go loco. I am unfortunatly 'unblessed' with bags under my eyes. I could get 50 hours of sleep and they will still be there. I have tried the cold spoon, tea-bag blah de blah no there not going anywhere. I finally found a concealer of my dreams. Sephora Brand Buildable Cover Concealer 16$ (the name isn't long at all). It hides everything from discolouration, blemishes and under-eye circles. Its a cream-to-powder concealer, its a buildable coverup that doesn't look heavy, making it very soft and fresh looking. BONUS it has Vitamin A & E so you can protect your skin as well! While applying it try not to use your fingers as your fingers have a lot of bacteria and isn't good for you skin, and it won't apply and look as smoothly as with a brush. I suggest the Double-Ended Perfect Complexion Brush 35$ one side is perfect for cream and fluid foundation and the other side is perfect for powers. Two-in-one awesome brush for a beautiful complexion!

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