Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thrilling Thursdays

PDA (Public Displays of Affection) We have all witnessed it and/or have done it. And it has been a world-wide discussion for ages. Is it hot or is it not? In my opinion it's really annoying. It's cool that you want to show the world your in love, but your also showing everyone who isn't in love... that there not in love. It's kind of a punch in the face (even though we know your not purposely doing it) I may be a little hypocritical because I remember I used to display affection on numerous occasions with my ex-boyfriend. Maybe it was cause I really did love him, because when we broke up and I got with my new boyfriend (now ex) I hated PDA I wouldn't even hold hands in public because I just didn't want to tell people I'm in love and there not. I think holding hands (okay) making out in public (that's just gross) there are things called rooms people! No one wants to see you having sex in front of us that's just disgusting, once I see body parts flying thats my queue to leave the room and vomit. It may just be me because I'm single, not in love and really lonley and I hate everyone who is in love and happy but it's just annoying. It seems everyone is getting together and I'm the only one who is lonley. If you love someone and want to show the world leave it to a minimum so you don't leave the rest of us single ladies crying late at night.

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