Monday, July 20, 2009

Music Monday

I love music is an understatement. I am obsessed with music. I can play any instrument you hand to me (except I can't play any instrument with strings.. life goal to learn to play the banjo) I like all genres of music. You will see a lot of variety on my Music Monday blogs. And I'd like to introduce to you the first band. If you haven't heard of these guy's you are about to introduced to probably the most talented hip hop group out there. They go by 'Atmosphere' a Minneapolis hip-hop duo. The members are rapper Slug and DJ Ant. Together they make a different rap sound that were not used to. They have been together for over a decade and have made inspirational and amazing music. You haven't seen or heard raw lyrical talent until you get a look at these guys. The song I'm about to show you is my favourite all time song from Atmopshere and it comes from there album God Loves Ugly. The song is called Love Life and it has some of the most talented lyrics I believe of all time. This song and this band gives rap a good reputation and is very popular in the underground rap world. I hope you enjoy this band and there talent as much as I do.

Video: Love Life - Atmosphere

Lyrics: Love Life - Atmpsphere

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